Yumi as Sailor Iron Mouse in a costume she made herself.

Yumi says:

"Wow...my second Sailor Moon cosplay (and I'm planning at least 2 more ^_~) I had so much fun wearing this costume I'm glad I made it. At AX I was stopped what felt like a gazillion times to pose for pictures and was randomly greeted by people saying chu! *lol* Even the Japanese cosplayers thought I was kawaii! That's a compliment I'm happy with ^_^ Although I did have to explain to some people that I was a bad guy and not on Sailor Moon's side, but it didn't seem to matter. I was even videotaped saying "Watashi wa Iron Mouse desu!!" And my tail kept getting knocked and caught on things in the Dealer's Room. Oh, well... "

"I chose Iron Mouse for several reasons. We had been planning a Sailor Moon group for AX for awhile and Scuzzi and I decided to be bad guys. I've loved every pic I've seen of her and actually found an artbook sketch that helped with the costume. I actually do like mice and couldn't resist her Kawaii-ness!!! I also like to try different things when I make a costume and hopefully learn something new. I started with her accessories which there are alot of and really quite simple. Just time consuming. Someone told me they were the most realistic accessories they had seen an Iron Mouse cosplay wear ^_^ Once those were done I began the rest. Everything was quite simple until the blouse. I had to make it bubble and drape without looking flat. Let alone a front without a back >.< Adding all the black ribbon took the longest. I'm really happy with this costume! It's now one of my favourite ^__^ *chu!*"
Sailor Iron Mouse gets a phone call from her boss.
Don't you love the cute little tail?
Ut oh, Iron Mouse is ready to attack!
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