Tristen Citrine as Sailor Galaxia in a costume she made herself.
Sailor Galaxia takes your star seed...
...and then holds it up to study it.
A pulled back view of Sailor Galaxia.
The golden shine of Sailor Galaxia.
Sailor Galaxia shows off her boots...
...and the bracelets she uses to control the Animates.
Another shot with a star seed.
The most evil of the evil Sailor Senshi.
Sailor Galaxia has a transformation brooch just like Sailor Moon.
Other similarities include the sailor collar and a short pleated skirt.

Tristen says:

"Woohoo! I finally have a decent number of pictures of a costume! This Sailor Galaxia costume has proved to be my most complex, challenging, and expensive cosplay project to date, and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out."

"Since many people have asked, the main body is made from a premium 4-way stretch Lycra called Y24K Gold."
"Other 'ingredients' include large acrylic jewels, faceted gold tone beads, topaz crystal Hot-Fix rhinestones, beaded gold fringe, plastic sheet lighting, Beadalon jewelry wire, jump rings, over 200 hand painted gold leaves, a small flowerpot, and faceted topaz colored Austrian crystal teardrop shaped dangles."
"The final touch is a waist length butterscotch blonde wig styled in eight buns. The Star Seed is a simple plastic ornament sphere, Foamies, glitter, More Beadalon, and crimp beads."
"Yes, I'm proud of my little glowing gold creation :)"
"These pictures were taken at my home and at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada."
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