Stephanie's Profile

Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Lady Utena
Birthday: March 16
Age: 22
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: A+ (I think...)
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Food: Sandwiches, Cheesecake, Strawberries
Least Favorite Food: Pork
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Gem: Diamonds
Favorite Sport: Not so much into sports...
Favorite Animal: Cats
School: University of Wisconsin - Parkside. Majoring in Digital Arts with my focus on graphic and web design.
Hobbies: Sewing, web design, drawing, prop making, collecting Sailor Moon stuff
Strong Points: Loyal, enthusiastic, cheerful, talented
Has Trouble With: Staying focused, not following directions, anything with more than 4 legs.
Dream: To be happily married with a small family and be successful as a graphic designer. I'd also absolutely love to one day have my own graphic novel series published.