Riveraria's Profile

Name: Jess
Nickname: Riv, Spadge
Birthday: October 21
Age: 18
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type: Ummm I dunno
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Gem: Opals, Garnets, Jade, Citrine, and I have too many  list
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Animal: Too many to list ^_^  I love all kinds of animals
School: Worcester Center for Cratfs, Metals Department
Hobbies: Walking, Reading, drawing, Cosplay, anime, playing video games, swimming
Strong Points: I'm playful, I guess I'm thoughtful.
Has Trouble With: People who lie a lot
Dream: To travel around the world ^_^