Crystal as Sailor Cosmos in a costume she made herself with help from her friend Yumi and her mom.
Crystal says:
"To say that I love this costume would be truly understating the truth. Well, that and someone somewhere would be disappointed if I didn't say it because I've said the same thing for every other costume on my webpage! *lol* Well, I DO love them all!!"
"Sailor Moon is my absolute favorite anime character so cosplaying as her has always been one of my goals. And here she is! ^_^ I wore this Friday at AX2002 and it was so amazing! And so much fun! In many ways I have no words to describe the experience, or how much I can't wait to wear it again. This has to be one of my ultimate favorites. I think I'm going to be wearing it to conventions for a long time!"
Sailor Cosmos stands ready to fight.
Sailor Cosmos shows off her beautiful translucent cape...
...and examines her staff.
Sailor Cosmos encompasses all.
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