Kyoryoku's Profile

Name: Melanie
Nickname: Kyoryoku on websites though nowadays everyone just calls me Melanie
Birthday: September 13
Age: 24
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subject: Religious studies or any kind of graphic design
Least Favorite Subject: High level math
Favorite Food: Spicy tuna roll
Least Favorite Food: Onions
Favorite Color: Earth tones, mostly green
Favorite Gem: Sapphire
Favorite Sport: Color Guard
Favorite Animal: Anything feline
School: BFA degree in Fashion Design from VCU. Contemplating another major or a Masters
Hobbies: Writing, sewing, design, reading comics, collecting little gashapon figures, going to shows, singing, playing old school video games, occasional world domination
Strong Points: I have an attraction to leadership, I'm a good multitasker and I work well under pressure. I work well in a team and have a generally positive outlook on life.
Has Trouble With: I'm working on it, but I don't take criticism very well. I also have a problem dishing it out in a serious setting. I gossip more than I should for someone my age and I have a tendency to get carried away when I'm drinking.
Dream: I want to be a published, successful comic author (fashion degree wut?). My roommate is an illustrator and we make a pretty reputable team.