Koraru's Profile

Name: Coral Azucena Machin R
Nickname: Koraru ~Sailor Costume~
Birthday: September 20
Age: 17
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Favorite Subject: Coming Soon
Least Favorite Subject: English and Math
Favorite Food: ALL LIKE ME
Least Favorite Food: Mmm carrots and beetroot
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Gem: Sapphire and diamonds
Favorite Sport: Figure Skating
Favorite Animal: Mmm dogs
School: Coming Soon
Hobbies: Cosplay, sing, dance and make friends
Strong Points: Dancing, writing, drama and play the role of speaker.
Has Trouble With: I'm very sentimental feelings. and jealousy
Dream: Become a voice actress and so play an important role in the world of anime, as fandub, fan cosplayer Latin author or dubbing.