Jamie-Lain's Profile

Name: Jamie-Lain, Mujio Ikari
Nickname: MujioChan
Birthday: July 31, 1984
Age: 20
Astrological Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A+
Favorite Subject: Sailor Moon!! Anime.
Least Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Food: Ramen, Ice-cream, Sushi, Chocolate, Coke and Tofu
Least Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Color: Purple and Black
Favorite Gem: Diamond
Favorite Sport: Sport? You got to be kidding!! I hate sports!...ice-skating.. -_-
Favorite Animal: Growlithe..Lion
School: I've finished
Hobbies: Computers, Internet, Anime, Sailor Moon, Drawing, Cosplay, Singing Anime Songs..
Strong Points: Protective of friends, Music
Has Trouble With: Family
Dream: Don't have one cause now I am married :) hehe..well maybe to have a good life!