Haruka Takagi's Profile

Name: My real name?? Well just KC. R.
Nickname: At the moment I like "Windprincess Haruka Takagi" I know it is a long nick but I like it
Birthday: September 3, 1979
Age: Will be 24 now
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Favorite Subject: Mathematics and Arts oh and Drama
Least Favorite Subject: German, Latein (The old Language of Italia)
Favorite Food: Pizza, Spinach, Sushi, Steaks!
Least Favorite Food: Brussels sprouts, Sea Fruits
Favorite Color: Red, orange, blue, purple, blue-green
Favorite Gem: Sapphire
Favorite Sport: Swimming, ice skating
Favorite Animal: Dog, Dolphin, Hamster, Panther
School: I am out of that club^^ work in a Hotel now
Hobbies: Cosplay, cons, my dog, reading and just doing nothing
Strong Points: Calm. It takes a lot of time to get me angry but when I am... run for your life^^
Has Trouble With: Accepting criticism
Dream: Hm...the only one that gets in my mind right now is to watch a Sera Myu Musical in Japan^^